About Ruth

米国在住日本人シンガーソングライター 2006年〜2014年まで神戸を中心に活動する。
Ruth is a Japanese singer-songwriter currently living in the USA.
She was mainly active in Kobe from 2006 to 2014. She was influenced by several genres such as Pop, R&B, Gospel, Country, Folk, Jazz, World music, and Classical music.
She produces and distributes her own music. She loves cute things.

2009年、CD『A One Day』をリリース。
2012年、Paul Carnwallと共にCD『Precious』をリリース。

Released “One Day” in 2009
Won first prize of Osaka Performer License in 2010
Released “Precious” with guitarist Paul Cornwall in 2012
Released “HANA” with Swiss electronic artist, songwriter, and music producer
Kobersound in 2014